Questions & training plan selection, 4 week ski tour

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    I’m a bit of a pickle regarding selecting the correct training plan in TFTNA or UHA.

    I have spent the last year correcting my ADS, building my base and body back after years of wayward paths.

    I’m planning on doing a long ski tour/walk in aus, the AAWT. It’s 650km and 30k vert over that length, average time for completion in winter seems to be 4 weeks.

    All gear is carried and food drops are cached ahead of time. Five-seven days is the longest time stretch between food drops. This means a slightly heavier pack in sections but I’m hoping for no more than 14kg-ish

    I have at least 24 weeks and up to 30 to prepare.

    I first started using the skimo cat 1 plan January last year. I changed to mountain running cat 1 after mid year Covid blowout and since September I started the alpine climbing program after a broken thumb was healed up and I finished TFTNA.

    I like developing the programs and self coaching. I saw some people using the 24 wk mountaineering program for ski tours and I had concerns was the skimo plan was to focused more on racing/speed than schelpping a pack over land.

    – Should I look to the skimo/mt plan in UHA or 24 wk mountaineering (with ski modalities) for this objective?
    – Does anyone have an opinion on roller skis vs roller blades?
    -Any general training advice for this type of trip?

    Thanks for the knowledge bestowed in the books and podcasts, turned my life around.

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