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    Hi all first post here.
    Im looking to do the anaerobic threshold test which says to go hard on a steep uphill for 30 mins. The hill i will be using is steep with fairly significant elevation gain but also is undulating in sections with short flats and downhills. My question is will the flat and downhill sections effect the accuracy of the test? Any help appreciated thanks.

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    Anonymous on #16518

    The key is to maintain a near-constant intensity. That may be possible by increasing speed on the sections that ease off in angle, but I think it’ll be very difficult to do so on downhill sections.

    I would say the consistency of the terrain trumps grade. So if there’s a less-steep hill that’s more consistent, I would use that one. Even better, use a treadmill; it’ll be both consistent and specific.

    Anonymous on #16528

    Scott S is spot on. Find a more consistent grade even if flatter. Or use a treadmill or stair machine.


    Xtal1 on #16553

    Thanks a lot guys, much apreciated!

    Anonymous on #16554

    One more thought: the important thing is the consistency of the output, not your heart rate. So don’t start too hard too fast. If you take ~10 of the 30 to get up to the desired intensity, chances are that the output will be pretty consistent. (At the very start, when you’re fresh, your actual AnT intensity will feel too easy.)

    Xtal1 on #16603

    Got ya Thanks!

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