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Putting on weight during training?

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    Anyone else putting on a significant amount of weight during this program? Diet is probably the low hanging fruit in my training regimen (along with mobility/flexibility), but I was hovering around 165 for about a year with primarily moderate amounts of running (20 miles or so a week, up to a max of 30) and I’m currently at 174ish, which I haven’t weighed in many years. Just curious if this is normal/expected and if I should work harder on changing my diet or let it ride while my body adjusts to the training loads.



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    mattmay3s on #64547

    Hi Brad – its had the opposite. Stopped tracking cals, and obsessing about protein intake, and started adding more carbs following Rebecca Dent’s presentation. Weight is now consistently dropping unless I drink too much. I do a lot of the sessions fasted as eating and then training really doesn’t work well for me.

    MarkPostle on #64596

    Brad, in my experience with folks that are somewhat new to training or at least new to this style of training they tend to maintain weight or actually drop a few pounds not add it. Do you feel like you’re putting on muscle mass from some of the strength related movements or just a bit heavier in general? I do see that folks commonly have an increased appetite as they’re burning more calories but generally do just that and burn them off. I find that as the training duration increases later in the program and folks try to eat fairly nutritious whole foods (minimize empty calories from refined sugars and alcohol) that their weight settles at a point where they are neither too heavy nor too light to move well in the mountains and they end up not needing to regulate their caloric intake artificially much one way or the other to stay at that set point. It will be interesting as you grow the volume of your training and introduce intensity work where your weight settles out, check back in here and let us know!

    bradjcoombs on #64666

    Thanks for the responses. I think I figured out that I’m pushing too hard and need to back off. The combo of ME workouts along with carrying more than the recommended weight on training hikes and not recovering from other trips outside of the training has left me sleeping poorly, eating poorly, and being generally too fatigued. I’ll be curious to see if finding the right training load will lead to a more balanced appetite and loss of weight.


    Umer on #64798

    Hi Everyone

    I want to share my experience as well. Before starting this training program, I had been doing intermittent fasting (one meal a day) for years and was hovering around 72Kg.

    Following Ms Dent’s presentation, it was clear that a good amount of carbs a sufficiently fueled pre & post-workout meals/snacks are essential to progression and training benefits. I started eating carbs & multiple meals a day. I gained 06kg within 02 weeks. I tried my best but couldn’t manage weight as eating habits were quite inconsistent 🙂

    Then I bought a food weight scale & tried my fitness pal, synced it with Garmin, put a target of losing about 0.5kg a week with 300-500 calories deficient.

    I am 71kg today after 02 months. And I feel the strongest I ever did and during these 02 months had put in most training hours in years. I would highly recommend using Myfitnesspal & rewatching the Ms Dent presentation recording to adjust pre & post-workout meals as recommended by her.

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