Post Injury – When to start adding Intensity again

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    Hi UA Folks,

    i had a second stress fracture earlier this year. The bones are fine by now and i started to ramp up my running volume. I can handle runs up to 2h in Z1 with minor problems to date.
    Is there a general recommendation when I should start adding higher intensity workouts. Like ME, or Intervals?

    What would your suggestions be? Easing into shorter Z3 workouts, or start by adding ME type stuff?

    Thanks in advance. Stay healthy and safe! — mirko

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    Start with some pick ups in your normal runs. These are also called strides in the running training world. Accelerate up to a relaxed fast effort for 10 seconds and then slow back to your normal easy distance effort for 2-3 minutes. Do this for 5-6 times in a run and assess how your leg feels the next day. Gradually introducing speed work into your plan this way will allow you bones and connective tissues a chance to become stronger under the increased load without prolonged stress. We have used this approach for years with good results. If after 4-5 of these pick up runs you’re feeling stronger take them out to 12 then 15 seconds. Then increase the number of reps up to 8-10 in a run. If you can handle that for 2-3 months you’ll have the confidence to do some extensive intensity in Z3 moving to Z 4. It’s all about allowing the body to adapt at its pace not a pace you impose on it.


    nullkru on #46282

    Hei Scott,

    thank you verry much for your quick reply! I added strides/pickups in the last two weeks already. So i will continue to do them regularly on my easy runs.
    One question about strides/pickups would you generally recommend doing them on an even surface or uphill? I know there is a different stimulus but I’m just curious how you prescribe them to your athletes.

    — mirko

    Anonymous on #47823

    I think it depends on what you want to train. If you want to work on flat speed, do them there. If you want more of a strength effect, then uphill maybe a better choice.

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