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    Cecilia Dominguez

    Hi, I couldn’t figure out how to respond to those who live in the Portland/Seattle area, but would love to meet up for training. I’m currently diving Cozumel ( not very uphill) but will be back next week.

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    katem on #62174

    Yes, count me in! Although not for at least couple weeks (just tested positive for Covid, ugh). Kate M., 503-997-6508,, insta @klmpnw

    Kristina Ramilo on #62178

    Hey yall!

    I’m in Tacoma but can be in portland or seattle for an aerobic trip. Interested in touring more specifically. Currently, I’m trying to go every weekend to paradise (when it’s open) and get more and more vert every session! Hit me up if you are interested! 8084978046

    Cecilia Dominguez on #62185

    I sadly am just learning how to ski so only x country or snow shoe at this tine. But am fine with aerobic training or baby skiing. Email is Insta: cecildoming . Katie M, Hope you feel better from covid soon.

    Melissa on #62323

    I’m in Seattle, and will always be getting out on the weekends. First preference is touring but I’ll go for a fitness hike if conditions aren’t great. Would be great to hit up Paradise sometime with you Kristina, will ping if we head down that way!

    Email:, cell: 515-720-7550

    Sheila Loekito on #62378

    Seattleite here. I’m a snowboarder/splitboarder, runner and indoor climber. If anyone wants to join me for any of those activities hit me up.

    phone: 206-886-5212.

    Also, I got certified to dive in Cozumel last year and it was a life changing experience! Enjoy your time there!

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