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    I want to increase my strength training to strengthen my core, glutes, and legs mainly. I’ve read a good bit about optimum protein intake and some of the numbers I read seem pretty high as far as g/kg body weight per day. I worry about taking too much and probably err on the lower side, but fear I am not getting enough especially when I’m hitting the weights. Is there good research to say what a safe level of protein intake is (using rules of thumb), or would a urinalysis be needed? I’m guessing the urinalysis would give different results from day to day and depending on activity level, etc. Thanks in advance.

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    Rebecca Dent on #27567

    Hi Crawford,

    Thanks for your question. I usually recommend uphill athletes a daily protein intake of 1.4g-1.6g protein/kg/day. The aim is to both ensure you are eating sufficient protein on a day to day basis (meeting this value) and to spread this intake of protein through out the day in approx. 4hr intervals (i.e breakfast, lunch, evening meal, recovery and / or pre bed). Aiming for approx. 0.4g/kg protein per meal. I would not be concerned re this’higher’ protein intake and any harm to health unless you had any pre-existing kidney dysfunction or are diabetic. Body builders are usually on around 3g/kg/day and research into these upper protein intakes and health have shown no harm to health (this also includes no detriment to bone health). There is no need for a urinalysis. Here is a link to a research paper that hopefully will provide you with further reading. Professor Stuart Phillips is one of the leading research scientists and experts in protein intakes, health, ageing and sport and is worth a follow on social media/reading his papers and text.

    I hope that answers your question? Rebecca

    death.jester on #27573

    even though I’m not the one who initially asked the question, I was also curious about this question. Because I “recently” (more or less) started to increase my Protein intake, with very regular training, and I was also wondering if this has any bad side effects.
    But now I did the math, and I’m not even close to hitting 3g/kg. For breakfast I eat oatmeal, mixed with a spoon of protein powder (~21g of Protein), which is still below the amount you suggested (0.4g * 70 = 28g) for me (~70kg body weight). And for the other meals I think I roughly take the same amount, maybe even a little bit less.

    So thank you for the answer!

    Aaron on #27734

    This position statement /review article on sports nutrition is excellent: https://jandonline.org/article/S2212-2672(15)01802-X/pdfck

    Aaron on #27735

    There are lots of good podcasts interviewing Stu Phillips too if you really want to geek out on protein.

    crawfordarrington on #29313

    Sorry for the late reply….but thanks for the answer. I’m reading the article and implementing your advice. Thanks again!

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