Nutrition for combination training (carbs vs fat)

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    Rok Bratina


    I just read all of the three articles written by Rebecca Dent, where she nicely explain nutrition tips for ednurance sports. So, if I understand it right it is Zone 1 and Zone 2 where we should think about implementation of fat based diet (before and after our workout). However, for Zone 3 and Zone 4 as they are mostly run at higher speeds for a less time, it is better to rely primarly on carbs as a fuel before and after the workout.

    My question here is, what if we do the combination of both? I mean, what if you do first vo2 max interval training 20 times 30/30 and you continue running on a hilly terrain in Zone 2 like doing some 90 minutes training at a low carbohydrate availability?. What benefits could such kind of training have on our body in endurance aspect? What would be the nutrition plan here?

    From my point of understanding, as I will run first part of my training in Zone 5, I will more use carbs. After this workout I mentioned above (20 times 30/30) I will do like 90 minutes more running, so my body will probably starts using fat. What is your opinion here? What strategy would you use for this kind of training (nutrition before, after)?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Have a nice day,

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    Anonymous on #26231

    The recommendation to include carbohydrate before and during a high-intensity session includes the entire workout. So adding on some low-intensity volume at the end wouldn’t change the dietary recommendations.

    Rok Bratina on #26290

    Thank you Scott. For sure carbs are obligatory for such an intensive workout atjust at the beginning of the training. What about in other way. For example to 90 minutes Zone 1 and than some intervals for the end. First you would run on fat and than you could use all the glycogen reserves you have. It is quite the same right?

    Anonymous on #26769

    I’m not sure I understand. If your goal is glycogen depletion, then having the high-intensity portion of your workout at the end will probably accomplish that more than having it at the beginning. Is that what you meant?

    Rok Bratina on #26825

    Yeah, Scott it was that. You undestand it right.

    Steve House on #27592

    It is not advisable to mix a power workout like 30/30’s with a zone 2 workout. Here’s more on that:

    Endurance and Power Don’t Mix (in the Same Workout)

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