Need help with day 1 test for AeT HR

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    I am using 8 weeks of mountaineering training and I use Polar chest strap. I have saved HR data and uploaded TP. I am having a hard time understanding the instruction to calculate the HR to determine my AeT HR set that as the top of my Zone 2 in your Training Peaks Zones. Subtract 10% from this and set that as the top of my Zone 1. Can anyone give me a clear step?

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    Shashi on #36378

    I started the 24 week mountaineering plan this week and the following posts were helpful with AeT calculation and Zone setup in Training Peaks –

    AeT Calculation(assuming you did Heart Rate Drift test):

    Heart Rate Drift: A Functional Measure of Aerobic Fitness

    Zone Setup:

    Zone set up in TrainingPeaks

    Are you having difficulty calculating your AeT?

    I might be wrong but looks like your 1 hour run includes warm-up run (first 12 mins or so).

    bradleybfrank on #36418

    I am kinda not sure how to calculate my AeT. I was able to get the first half average which is 134 bpm. The second half average is 147 bpm. How can I compare to see if my average heart rate rose more than 5 percent?

    Shashi on #36421

    Your heart rate rose by 9.7% (147 / 134 = 1.097).

    Is your warm-up run included in 60 mins? If yes, then you need to exclude the warm-up lap from the calculation. If not, then you need to start your run at a lower heart rate.

    Anonymous on #36457

    What Shashi said!

    bradleybfrank on #36463

    In order to do this correctly, I can just do warm-up 5 minutes flat walk and then turn up the treadmill to 10 steep grade and start the HR monitor test right there for 15 minutes? In the first 15 minutes, I can just speed it up little until I feel comfortable walking uphill and stay at the same speed for 60 minutes?

    Shashi on #36481

    Here are the instructions from Heart Rate Drift Test article –

    Testing on a Treadmill
    Set the treadmill to 10 percent and begin hiking slowly. If you are training for flatter runs, set the treadmill to 3 percent and run. Gradually build speed over the first 10–15 minutes until your heart rate stabilizes at what you feel is an easy aerobic effort. If you have a good idea of what your AeT is, then target that heart rate for the beginning of the test. Now you are ready to begin the test.

    NOTE: If hiking, you may need to use a steeper grade (10+ percent) in order to get your heart rate up sufficiently.

    Once you’ve dialed in the speed and grade, do not adjust them again during the test. Run or hike continuously for 60 minutes at that speed/grade while recording your heart rate. Then upload the data to TrainingPeaks.

    bradleybfrank on #36684

    I just found out the TP free premium just expired that help calculates to get the average bpm in the first 30 minutes and other averages for the second 30 minutes. Is there another way to find out without paying TP premium?

    bradleybfrank on #36685

    Please ignore my previous message. I found a different app to calculate the 60 minutes test. The first 30 minutes is 141 bpm and the remaining 30 minutes is 142 bpm. The result is 0.7 which way less than 5%. What did I do wrong again?

    Anonymous on #36714

    If the pace was constant, you didn’t do anything wrong. You just learned that the pace is below your aerobic threshold. Next time, try 150 bpm.

    bradleybfrank on #36718

    150 bpm would not be an easy aerobic to me. 142 average bpm for me is above “easy” aerobic. Unless I am understanding wrong what “easy” aerobic mean. I thought it more like an easy and relax exercise.

    Anonymous on #36729

    Ah! I’m glad you mentioned that. Then I stand corrected. Rather than your aerobic threshold, it’s likely that’s your anaerobic.

    The aerobic threshold is a pace that could go higher but doesn’t. The anaerobic is a threshold that (at the test duration), can’t.

    If the test was difficult, then it’s likely your anaerobic threshold that you’ve found.

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