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    Michael G

    Great info in the forum – thank you!

    I was trying to find a synopsis of someone who had converted the zone information to use on TrainingPeaks, Garmin, etc. After a bunch of searching here, I used the information I found plus the guide on page 85 of TftUA to put this together. See the attached image.

    That look about right? Anyone doing something different based on experience and use? I know above Zone 4 is not really tracked in the TftUA zones so I just added 10 above 180 and called it 5+ Capacity.

    50 year old male. From testing AeT = 149 and AnT = 167.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Anonymous on #23924


    We use a 4 zone system (TP will allow you to customize the number of zones and their heart rate ranges). We start by anchoring the zone system to your personal test results. We set the top of Z2 at AeT (149 in your case) and the top of Z3 at your AnT Z4 is anything over 167……HARD.
    We set the top of Z1 at 10% less than AeT. In your case this would be 149-15 = 135. So this all corresponds quite well with what you have done. I’m hesitant to set a zone for recovery workouts. They should just FEEL very easy and refreshing. Sometimes that might mean running at 124 or it might mean walking at 104.

    For the TP Z5. These short maximal efforts make up such tiny volume and they are just done as hard as you can go so HR is often not the best measure of the intensity.

    Great job on this.

    Michael G on #23926


    Thank you. It looks like everything lines up with what I pulled from the book and here in the Forum. Your point about recovery is well taken. Given the main four zones, I added below Z1 as “Recovery” and above Z4 as “Capacity” just so there was a “bucket” to capture the data in for long term tracking.

    Thanks again and recommending Uphill Athlete to all my like-minded friends.

    Thanks again.

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