Modify 24 week plan into 8 week plan for target of January 2022.

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    Hi guys,

    I’ve completed the 24 week plan at the end of July. I loved it. Awesome plan.

    I had holidays and a break from training (needed) for 1 month and then, unfortunately, I had 2 months unplanned work away from home in the USA where training was non existent due to said work and long hours.

    I have a potential goal, Aconcagua, in January 2022 if covid / Argentinian government allows but the news is good from what I hear (this is what I was training for since last January anyway when I started the plan).

    For example starting next Monday, November 1st, how would you narrow down the 24 week mountaineering plan into 8 weeks i.e. November 1st – December 31st?

    2 weeks transition + 3 weeks base + 3 weeks muscular endurance?

    Life and responsibilities got in the way, I’m not looking for a miracle, just looking for some advice please…as obviously 24 into 8 doesn’t go.

    Any tips or tricks are most welcome 🙂


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    Shashi on #58587

    Given the three-month break you had in training, I think following the 8-week Mountaineering Plan structure would make sense.

    The 8-week plan has four weeks of Transition and four weeks of Muscular Endurance. I am assuming you have time to taper and travel beyond eight weeks.

    Wish you the best!

    philc180 on #58632

    Thanks for the response Shashi.

    I’m going to do the 2nd 4 weeks of Transition ( weeks 5 – 8 ) and the 2nd 4 weeks of Muscular Endurance ( weeks 5 – 8 ) which includes the taper week.

    Hopefully that sounds like a good plan!


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