ME – Alternative best alternative to split-jump-squats for mountain runners

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    Hi Folks

    Incredible resource this…

    I’m running through Mike Foote’s Big Vert Plan. The ME sessions have been a real “wake-up” for my legs and it’s taken me some time to get comfortable with the right amount of intensity so that I am able to still get through a reasonable (for me) amount of running volume in the week.

    Unfortunately I have an awkward issue with the split-jump-squats in the ME sessions in that the tendons in the toes of my trailing foot are struggling to take the load of the landing (where the toes are bending). This is leaving me tender (as ridiculous as that sounds) for 3-4 days after an ME session, which in turn causes discomfort when I run.

    I’m sure I can soften the landing to some extent, but my question is: What is the best alternative to slot into the ME progression (with the box step ups) that covers most of the bases that the split-jump-squats cover?

    So far I have 1) Bulgarian split squat jumps, 2) squat jumps, 3) explosive walking lunges, 4) box jumps

    If you had to rank these in terms of their relevance to mountain running – or another alternative not on the list, which would you prioritise?

    The goal is to get back to the split-jump-squats…but I need something to keep working with while my toes come right.

    I look forward to any views.

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    Brett on #50725

    I have the same issue with the big toe on my right foot. It doesn’t flex nearly as much as it should due to a lifetime of muscular imbalances. Stiffer shoes helped initially, but now it’s not as big a deal as my toe flexibility has improved quite a bit since starting the UA methods. I do have to be careful, though, as it can get still get sore from time to time from doing the SJSs.

    A big benefit of the split jump squats is the eccentric loading. I would think that squat jumps and/or Bulgarian split squat jumps would produce the most similar training effects. The order that you have them listed seems like the appropriate ranking to me, but I’m far from an expert on this stuff.

    LindsayTroy on #50765

    Not a coach, but what about single leg jump squats?

    Gus on #50931

    @Brett – thanks for the response. I went with the Bulgarian split jump squats – I wanted to try and mimic the running dynamic (one leg forward, one trailing) as much as possible. To your point, the idea was to try and stay with the eccentric loading I have been getting on the split jump squats.

    Let’s just say that judging by how I’m struggling to walk around without a cane that they’ll do just fine as a replacement for now. They are not nearly as fun – and they take some getting used to – but if you can get into a position where you can still “explode” off that leading leg, and then “catch” and control the landing…there is definitely loading.

    – I had a look at those, but I’m just not athletic enough to get anywhere near either the range, or the “every second” standard the the ME workouts dictate. I end up doing some sort of one legged skip-thing, which is to erratic to repeatedly load in the right way. I did think that if I really wanted to make them work, balancing with a TRX band or similar would still allow me to get into the right position…but the Bulgarian jumps worked nicely.

    Anonymous on #51013

    Another idea: Could you not extend your rear leg as far back, try to use it only for balance, and have the majority of the impact on your front leg?

    Gus on #51055

    Thanks for taking the time Scott.

    I definitely need to change something, so as soon as I try the SJS’s again I’ll give that a go. It will depend on whether I have the control to land “properly” with my leg stretched further out behind me…


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