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    I swear I read about this on the forums but can’t find it or remember what the answer was. If this has been answered before just send me the link. Sorry to ask redundant questions.

    With the outdoor ME workouts, specifically the weighted hill climbs in TfTNA during the ME phase I understand our HR is in Z1 but limiting factor is legs (feels like Z3). That being said TP is logging these as Z1-2 hours. Is this correct or are these considered Z3 workouts for the entire duration I’m carrying the weight?


    If it is considered Z3 then I could have maybe have 2-2.5 hours of Z3 in one week when I start the 2000-2500′ sessions. At this stage should I still be keeping Z3 only 10% of the total weekly volume? Because that would mean 120 minutes of Z3 would need 1080 minutes (1200-120) of Z1-2 work (18 hours) a week.

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    Shashi on #40879

    jakedev – are you referring to these posts?

    Heart rate/breathing says Zone 1. Body says Zone 2.

    Heart rate/breathing says Zone 1. Body says Zone 2.

    I believe from HR zone standpoint, ME workouts are done in Z1/2 but the perceived exertion is Z3 due to weight/steep hill. TP is logging the workouts correctly as Z1/2.

    As far as I understand, you should not consider these ME workouts as HR Z3 and adjust your aerobic training volume.

    Anonymous on #40946

    hrTSS in Training Peaks will underestimate the training stress from these sessions so the TSS needs to be manually adjusted.

    Because ME is definitely Z3 work, you want to keep the ratio of Z1/2 as prescribed. If Z3 becomes too high a percentage of your total volume, then your aerobic capacity will suffer. If it persists, you’ll slow down.

    jakedev on #40958

    Thanks Scott.

    I guess that leads to a follow on question.

    In the later weeks of the weighted uphill carries/ME portion my ME sessions can be 1-2 hours in my local hills while trying to hit the desired elevation gain (ie 2000′, 2500′, and 3000′, TftNA pg 238-239).

    Some weeks doing enough volume to do 90% more low intensity duration is not realistic for my schedule. (IE 120 minutes of ME would need 18 additional hours of Z1-2 that week)

    That doesn’t include upper body ME right? (Treadwall, Treadmill Hand walking, etc)

    Should I reduce my weighted hill ascent goals during Base training if I can’t keep it 10%? (IE instead of 3000′ keep it at 1500′-2000′ but increase the weight I’m using to reduce the volume)

    Thanks again

    Anonymous on #40987

    Three things:

    1. Only count the uphill portion as Z3. If the descents are unweighted, keep HR in Z1/2 and they won’t count toward the Z3 total.
    2. Another option is to get the supporting volume in the following or preceding weeks by changing the amount of Z3/ME. If you compare the intensities based on 4-6 week averages, I think you’ll be safe.
    3. 10% Z3/ME is a lot if that is the total for all Z3/ME. I would limit it to ~5% unless, as mentioned, it was a short block of ME preceded and/or followed by some easier supporting volume. In TftNA, for example, the ME period says to include one Z3 session that is 10% of weekly volume. That 10% would include the descent time, so the actual amount of Z3/ME is less than 10%.
    4. Whether upper or lower body, it all has to be supported by easier volume.

    I hope that helps.

    jakedev on #40996

    It does. Thank you.

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