Jumping Rope?

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    years ago I used to jump rope a bit….the other day I looked and couldn’t find my jump rope…I assume it depends on what heart rate you get from jumping rope to what zone it gets you….I have not tried yet (still have not found it) with my heart rate monitor, but any thoughts ? Scott, anyone? How to integrate into training…just curious, thanks, Chet

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    Rachel on #47047

    I just ordered one the other day! I’m hoping to try and get some Z2 sessions in with it. I’m thinking it should translate well to running since the motion is similar.

    Rob L on #47066

    I’ve heard it’s good for strengthening your tendons and feet for running. Apparently you only need to do a few minutes each session for this effect a couple of times a week.

    If you’ve got efficient technique, heart rate will probably be similar to running.

    But be careful if you are going to use it for aerobic conditioning. I hurt my knee in March trying to use it this way while in lockdown. Build up very gradually.

    Anonymous on #47763

    Just guessing, but I suspect the effect would be similar to running if the HRs are kept in the same range. Running is basically just single-leg hops and skipping is double-leg.

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