Is it possible to have a delta of 35 bpm between different activities?

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    I noticed that the nose breathing test is yielding quite different results for AeT for different types of sport:

    – mountaineering w/o poles 145
    – mountaineering with poles 155
    – running 165
    – rollerblading with poles 180

    I know that nose breathing is not as reliable but I’m too lazy to test for every kind of sports I’m performing (mountaineering is priority and I tested that with a drift test) What I find interesting is the huge delta between mountaineering and rollerblading of 35 bpm.

    Where does this come from? Is this reasonable?


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    Dada on #40333

    Push 😉

    I’m really not sure if I operate at AeT or AnT when I rollerblade with 178 bpm while doing nose breathing. Is the only way to confirm my zone by using a Lactate meter (bc I don’t have one)?


    depeyster on #40336

    Are you using a chest strap HR monitor?
    Nose breathing is no longer viewed here as an effective means of determining AeT. Look up the HR drift test.

    Anonymous on #40351

    Yes, your heart rates sound reasonable. From what I understand, it has to do with movement economy and the general demand on your heart and lungs. For something your body is more familiar with, the HR will likely be lower. And vice versa.

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