Intro and Apple Watch TPeaks Sync Question

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    Todd Hatfield

    Todd Hatfield from Kentucky here. Great first Zoom (for me) today. My big event this year is planned to be a week in Titcomb Basin and hopefully seeing the summits of Gannett, Helen, and Ellingwood. For the next 2-3 years: “easy” routes on the Matterhorn, Mt Blanc, and the Eiger (I really like Western Europe).

    When I signed up for this group about 2-1/2 weeks ago, I immediately started using TPeaks (I previously used Strava) and so far, (mostly) so good recording and syncing workouts. The sync on the iPhone between Fitness, Health, and TPeaks apps is a bit temperamental but I think I’m getting it figured out. I got the obligatory HR chest strap (Garmin HRM-Pro) which syncs flawlessly with my Apple Watch, and it seems to be providing solid data.

    For your programmed workouts using my Apple Watch it appears that I will need to just start a roughly equivalent workout on my watch and then manually enter the data into TPeaks against what you assigned (vice some other watches which apparently track to the specific programmed workouts). Is that correct?


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    Victor Grijalva on #67058

    I use Apple watch and do not have to enter the data manually in Training Peaks (TP), it uploads automatically for me. I pick an equivalent workout on my Apple Watch (run, hike, etc.) and do the workout. When I’m done I have to place the watch on the charging station and then it will sync with the TP app on my phone. Then I will generally go to my desktop and open TP there as I find it easier to navigate but you can also do it on your phone if you want. Sometimes the workout will automatically pair with the scheduled workout and you are good to go. Sometimes it will pull up as a separate workout but then you drag and drop that workout onto the scheduled workout and then it will ask you if you want to pair them and you reply yes. Once it uploads to TP you can see a map of where you ran, your heart rate over the workout, your TSS score and other important data that you may not get by entering manually.

    There are instructions somewhere in TP on syncing with Apple Watch, I don’t remember where.

    Good luck and happy training!


    Todd Hatfield on #67063


    Thanks so much; that’s super helpful! Especially the drag-and-drop part. Worked like a charm.


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