Impact of Walking TSS on CTL

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    keith brown

    This morning I took a relatively easy 1.5 mile walk and recorded the data. TrainingPeaks calculated the HrTSS as 22. I never reached Zone 1. If I were to walk every morning x 6/7 mornings i could easily exceed 100TSS in a week.

    Is there real value in this activity (from mountaineering training perspective), and if of little benefit, should I delete these recreational walks from TPs?

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    MarkPostle on #69629

    A couple of thoughts. I like the way you record things to be consistent season to season and year to year so you can compare apples to apples. Whatever you decide stick with it.

    My very loose personal method is that if I am not getting my HR to 100 at some point I don’t bother recording it. Lawn mowing, dog walks, art crawl on first Friday don’t go in TP. I do think that easy walks can actually aid recovery and therefore are beneficial.

    keith brown on #69645

    Mark, as always appreciate the great guidance.

    I’ll be eliminating grass cutting, golf and pub-crawls from my tracking!!

    Looking forward to the text MTG.

    Cheers, Keith

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