HR uphill spikes when running below AeT

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    First off, thanks for such a fantastic resource for training – it’s been a great help last couple of years.

    I have finally got a HR monitor and determined my AeT to be somewhere around 145. Almost all of my training is done below this threshold to build endurance and I can hold a steady pace and HR on flat ground. However whenever I start heading uphill my HR spikes wildly up to 160+, in order to keep it low I am reduced to walking uphill almost comically slow. I have even been overtaken by lovely old ladies walking their dogs, making for amusing conversation. I have resigned myself to the fate of slow uphills for the foreseeable future (my approach with mountain running has always been walk early, walk often), but I am curious as to what would be the most efficient way to overcome it: should I be erring towards the borders of z1/2 or should I be ‘redlining’ it and trying to keep as close to my AeT as is possible?

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    Shashi on #41887

    What is your AnT?

    You might find this discussion helpful –

    Beginner: I want to Run not Walk RE: AeT base training frustration 🙂

    A_Merry on #41890

    Hi, thanks for the link, was an interesting read. AnT is somewhere over 170; Its hard to get a decent updated number as there isn’t a mountain (hill) accessible to me during lockdown that I can’t get up easily in under 20 minutes so haven’t been able to do a test I’m willing to rely on.

    I use a chest strap and am a pretty experienced runner/hiker and have no issues running at a fair enough pace on flat and gently rolling terrain. I’m certain that part of the problem is that in Scotland the mountains are pretty small, so it’s easy to hike up them near AnT and hence I’m pretty sure I’ve trained myself to do that instead of using the aerobic pathways.

    Anonymous on #41943

    With a AeT/Ant spread of about 17% you are probably dealing with ADS. Stay the course of walking when you need to to keep the HR under 145 and it will improve given enough time and volume of training.


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