How do I get faster at skinning?

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    I’m wanting to do more ski mountaineering (not racing, just mountains) objectives but I am so slow skinning and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    I’ve been doing lots of steep trail runs this summer and I still am so slow! I spent a lot of time this summer running the places I ski tour thinking it was the altitude that was bothering me but still, we’re talking like a 20 min mile uphill power walk (on my trail runs) this summer breathing comfortably, hitting right at the edge of Z2/Z3 and now I feel like I’m red lining at a 45 min mile uphill on the SAME EXACT TRAIL on skis.

    I don’t have the worlds lightest setup but like 1600g skis and lightweight touring boots (atomic backlands).

    I need to figure this out before I really do any of the things I want to do! How do I improve?

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    John S on #67408

    That’s a great season Lindsay, nice work. Thanks for the update and lessons learned – I’ve passed it on to my (much-shorter-than-me) partner 🙂

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