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    is there a monitor or app that you can set a limit and alerts you if you go over? Ideally it b would be low and high limit.

    Like I want to set a limit of 140bpm and be notified so I know to slow down or go under say 126 to speed up.

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    juskojj on #44738

    If it matters I have a wahoo ticker

    Shashi on #44745

    I use a Wahoo Tickr with Coros Apex. In Coros, under Activity Alerts, I can set up an alert for HR range. Not sure if you can do that with just Wahoo App.

    Bill on #44756

    I have a Wahoo Tickr. I build the workout on TP with a HR range and run it on my Garmin Fenix 5 watch. You get a “gas gauge” for the metric and alarms for too low and too high. You can set up intervals, warm ups and cool downs and you can set it up on TP so you can have open ended “laps” controlled on the watch.

    Kyle Brundage on #44761

    I use the Wahoo Tickr X with my phone and as far as I know (unless you have another setup) it can only be done on iOS/iPhone, not Android. Instructions below:

    The Wahoo Fitness App offers a huge array of voice prompts which can be set up to alert you of your progress as you workout. We call these voice prompts “Audio Announcements”. To create an audio announcement, follow these steps:

    From the Wahoo Fitness home screen, select “Settings”.
    Select the workout profile you would like to add this audio announcement to. Note: Announcements must be created for each individual workout type.
    Scroll down and tap the switch next to “Audio Announcements” to turn these on. Then tap on “Audio Announcements” to begin creating a new one.
    Select “Create Announcement”.
    Now select your “Trigger”. The trigger is the action or event that sets off the audio announcement.
    Next, select your “Sound Bites”. The sound bites are the information that will be announced when the trigger is set off. You may select more than one sound bite.
    Select “Done”.
    Your audio announcement has now been created.

    Here’s an example of a common audio announcement:

    Trigger: Distance: Every 1 Mile
    Sound Bite: Distance: Workout & Heart Rate: Current
    You can also uses audio announcements to monitor your current heart rate zone:

    Trigger: Heart Rate: Zone Change
    Sound Bite: Heart Rate: Current & Heart Rate: Zone

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