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    My Garmin forerunner 220 has bitten the dust (it only holds a battery for about 2 hours and Garmin cant/wont replace the battery). Im looking for suggestions.

    The key features I’m looking for are: battery life >12hrs, altimeter, HR chest strap option, and I’d like it to track steps and yell at me to move during the day (I get sucked into work and can lose hours).

    I’ve looked at Garmin and the forerunner 935 looks good (has anyone tried it?) and I’ve tried looking at Suunto but they have so many watches that are so similar that its hard to really sort through them.

    I’ll take any suggestions! I’m mainly using it for TFNA which is why I’m asking here.

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    Colin Simon on #7747

    Do the snazzy Garmin or Suunto lines accurately capture irregular intensity so common to our sports?

    I’m still using a (relatively)cheap Polar that doesn’t have GPS or any of that; great for maintaining pace/intensity and not-so-great for evaluating overall stress.

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