Going over AeT during long workout

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    Is it okay to occasionally bump over your AeT by <5 bpms for just a few seconds. I had my long workout today and I noticed my HR jump above my AeT on a couple steep sections but it only went above for my AeT <30 seconds. Wondering if this doesn’t matter or if I should try to stay strictly below the entire duration of a workout. Thanks!

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    Shashi on #51411

    It’s okay.

    If you want, you can try to target HR 5 bpm below AeT to be safe. But based on what you said, I don’t think it’s really a concern.

    Anonymous on #51547

    What Shashi said. A little bit is fine.

    The one possible issue is if it’s over for a few seconds every few seconds. Then really, you’re trying to cut it too close. As Shashi said, you can back off a few bpm for your target.

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