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    I know this isn’t training related, but we have a lot of internationally traveling climbers here that hopefully can help. Those that do mountaineering trips to other countries, have you purchased a rescue insurance like Global Rescue? Do you just relay on your standard health insurance to cover you in an accident/evacuation? Do you just wing it?

    I understand the travel insurance part, if your flight gets delayed, if your luggage is lost, etc. But what about coverage if you break a leg on the mountain and need a helicopter evac? I’m going on my first out of country mountaineering trip next month and have no clue on this.


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    Mariner_9 on #13606

    You could have a look at the BMC’s insurance. It was recommended to me but I haven’t used it.

    nagypista on #13609


    take a look at the Austrian OeAV. It costs 60 euro($70) and it covers you for a year. If you don’t go above 6000m it is the best option. It covers a lot of mountain activities except races. After the 1st of September, you pay for the 2019 year and get the remaining of 2018 for free.



    nagypista on #13613

    As @Mariner_9 says, the BMC’s insurance is also a good option, but you have to be a resident of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
    Source:BMC FAQ


    Steve House on #13707

    @naypista Don’t you have to be a member of the OeAV as well?

    I am an American Alpine Club member and subscribe to the Global Rescue Service, I upgrade to a plan that allows me to be on trips as long as 90 days, which as I recall runs me a bit more that $200 per year. But! I have used it. The service was great. The rescue itself (from the climb to the ambulance) was free thanks to Parks Canada and Canadian taxpayers. The rest was covered by Global Rescue, including the medically-equipped jet ride to Oregon after about 8 days in the Critical Care Unit in Calgary.

    It would be cool if someone did a cost-benefits comparison of these services. Buying insurance is always difficult because no two competitors sell exactly the same product…so you have to read the fine print. But it would be great to see something about this on here.

    I know others have used “Diver Alert Network” for the repatriation insurance.

    Here is an old Global Rescue story on my rescue:

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