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    Hi all,

    I did a gas exchange test to find out my thresholds a few weeks ago, before buying and reading the book (for mountain runners). Today I read the pages where each testing method is explained and I’ve just seen the caveat, which is exactly how my test was.

    Test protocol:
    Treadmill, 1% gradient
    3 min walking at 6 km/h and then they increased the speed 1 km/h every minute

    Aerobic Threshold result: 162
    Anaerobic Threshold result: 183

    (I’ve attached a screenshot of the results, sorry, it’s in Spanish)

    I understand my test didn’t follow the protocol that is described on the book so I was wondering how I should proceed next.

    Would you recommend getting tested again? As you know, these tests are not cheap and I would prefer not to.
    According to your experience, how accurate is the AeT that comes up with that protocol? Is it likely to be too low? Too high? Any recommendation?

    Thank you very much! I’m loving the book so far.

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    Dada on #36362

    I would double check with the AeT drift test and would use the 162 as starting HR. It’s cheap and can provide you with some confidence.


    Anonymous on #36455

    I agree. Do a drift test and compare it to the gas exchange test. I’d be curious to hear the difference.

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