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    Next group! For all you gals excited for a race, a self created long run, returning or just starting with running a new. Let’s share advice and stories.

    I have at least 200K miles on these old legs of mine so I LOVE my Altra Olympus 4’s for cushion and technical performance.
    Another great resource i think you’ll all love is the book “Running Rewired”.

    Please add to this thread if you have other likes or loves about running.

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    Jacquelyn Dosal on #65635

    Thanks for starting this thread! I am a previous marathon runner (3) but feel that all those miles have caught up with me and haven’t really run consistently in about 10 years. Around 3 miles my lateral knee or hip starts to hurt, I think probably IT band.

    Either way, now I just keep my distances short and do mostly hiking and strength training. I’d love to slowly get back into it and maybe do some trail runs this summer out West. My primary location is in Florida and I really dislike running in the humid heat here! Anyway, happy to be part of the community. I also love Altra’s for the wide foot bed! I use the Escalante 2.5, but again I’m not running that many miles.

    Meighan Ferris-Miles on #65683

    Thanks for helping to build this community! I have a long history in sport – mostly as a competitive figure skater growing up. I dabbled in rowing and track and field in university. As an adult, I have always considered myself a “non-runner”. In 2019, I was speaking to someone who listened to my long list of everything I despised about the sport and surmised that I hated road running! He opened my eyes to the world of trail running and I haven’t looked back. It is hard to get the elevation I crave living in Toronto, but I make the most of all the ravines/valleys and supplement with all the box jumping and stair climbs I can find. I escape the city and head to the Laurentian mountains in Quebec for long weekends and in the summer.

    My absolute favourite shoe is TOPO Athletics Terraventure. It has a wide toe box (probably similar to the Altra, although I have never tried those) and the perfect amount of cushioning/stability for me.

    I also love the book Endure by Alex Hutchinson. The influence of the mind over body is fascinating.

    And my most recent find that I’m telling everyone about is tart cherry juice before bed as a sleep aid 🙂

    Anonymous on #65684

    I’m enjoying these stories thank you for sharing! My brother (also named Alex) loves the book Endure as well! And i too discovered tart cherry juice these last couple of years dealing with menopause effecting my sleep. For anyone else out there listening to or reading Stacy Sims book might be a huge help for these types of issues and more! https://www.amazon.com/ROAR-audiobook/dp/B07RMJ2T42/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1POCGUFFAXHD7&keywords=stacy+sims+roar+book&qid=1650292169&sprefix=stacy+simms+roar%2Caps%2C290&sr=8-1

    Happy Monday and week two of training!!

    Pia Lichtblau on #65820

    Hey all,

    I started running on the roads, just to get rid of physical energy as a compensation to my office work. Like Meighan I found this rather boring and was really happy when I discovered trail running 🙂 I’m doing that together with my husband for some years now, mostly for our pleasure, competing in races isn’t really important to me. I just love moving in the nature, especially in alpine areas, but also through woods… I love the fresh air, not meeting other people and the feeling of my tired body after some hours out there.

    Nevertheless we are participating in races from time to time, so this summer we’ll participate in the so called Gleterschwelt-Trail and a two stage race called Run2.

    The Run2 is part of a longer race which lasts for 8 days during which participants are crossing the Austrian Alps starting from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany and arriving after 8 days in Vals, Italy.
    Doing the whole thing is a big dream of me but it seems so incredibly hard to me that I’m not sure if I could do it… It really scares me – so this year we’ll try just the two days and decide on the big thing afterwards 🙂
    Ah, both distances have to be done as a couple – so if I can’t convince my husband to participate I can’t do it either.

    Living in Vienna (Austria) we use nearly every weekend in spring-summer-autumn to escape to the mountains, so training always becomes kind of holiday and adventure 🙂

    Coach on #65827

    Pia that sounds so incredible! I am glad you are starting this year by doing two days to get a better idea of how you handle racing for this long. I am excited to hear how it goes!!!

    Pia Lichtblau on #65834

    So am I, Maya… I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m really curious!

    Meighan Ferris-Miles on #65852

    WOW Pia – I just looked up your event and it looks incredible! My husband has followed me into the sport of trail running and now I’m going to put this on our list of “couple goals”. Thanks for sharing!

    Pia Lichtblau on #65855

    Hey, great Meighan!!! Where do you live?

    Yes, it seems like a perfect couple goal, in addition to the sports challenge it’s also a great proof of marriage, I think 🙂

    Pia Lichtblau on #66506

    Dear Maya and Carolyn,

    I wonder if the “Wonderland Three Day Tour Training Plan” would be an option for me to continue my training for the RUN2 after the end of FUA?
    RUN2 are two stages:

    distance 43,0 km
    elevation gain 2.180m
    elevation loss 2.040m

    distance 31,0 km
    elevation gain 1.770 Hm
    elevation loss 1.840 Hm

    What do you think? Would that be an option or is it too much?
    Thanks for you thoughts!

    Coach on #66511

    Hello Pia,

    I think the Wonderland plan could be a great fit for you! I do not think that it would be too much coming off of FUA. The start of the Wonderland plan is at fewer hours than the end of the FUA Intermidate, so you could even start a couple of weeks into the Wonderland plan if that works with your timeline better. The Wonderland Trail is 150km total; the plan is designed to have you run comfortably around 50km/day, which is more than the RUN2. Additionally, the total elevation of the Wonderland trail is over 7,000m of elevation gain, which is also greater than the RUN2 totals. You can never be too fit for anything, so I would recommend you use this after FUA.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Pia Lichtblau on #66542

    Hi Maya,

    great, thank you, that seems really perfect! Thanks for your advice – so I’ll go for that!

    Angeliena Kam on #66587

    PIA! The Wonderland is my favorite thing ever. I’ve done it every year since 2016, running or backpacking. Running it is really amazing. DO IT!

    Pia Lichtblau on #66896

    Sounds really great, Angeliena! 🙂 But living in Europe its a little bit too far for me to participate – at least this year… But who knows, maybe in the future…


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