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    I just finished the 20 Week Luke Nelson Intro to Ultra Running Training Plan. I read on another post where Scott(J.) said that the skimo programs were wicked scaled down compared to the big vert program and since my race has a lot of vertical I’m wondering how to transition after my 50k to a Big Vert/Skimo homebrew program.

    I have a semi-good but not great aerobic base (2 years of hard TFTNA/ Uphill training with only a few colds and one injury break).

    Do I start the Big Vert program from Week one and do I make any additions to the strength program?

    Thanks for both of your amazing books,

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    Anonymous on #27762


    You can certainly use the Big Vert plan for Skimo training. With 2 years base training under your belt I think you’d see good results from Mike’s Big Vert plan. Start with Week 1. You will want to use the special ME workouts in the first 9 weeks. You can adjust the aerobic base training volume to fit your current fitness.


    Aaron on #27850

    Part of my plan to adapt the Big Vert to skiing is shifting from the Friday hill sprints to gym based TFTNA max strength work (see the recently published UA article on KIS strength plus linked articles) and shifting the ME 8 min z3 running to ski based ME using weighted water carries.

    I’ll be doing ski version ~16 weeks back to back with the running version ~16 weeks. The ski version will skip the latter ~zone 4 progression, have a gradual running transition in the middle to get the body ready then move into a 4 week accelerated running version as I should have solid base and advanced ME capacity.

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