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    I recently attended a course in which I failed to make time on one of the rucks. The rucks are back to back long days across various terrain (hills, swamps, prickle forests) etc. I followed the 12 week training program they provided which only had me moving 14 miles a week. one smaller run or ruck on Monday, and then a long ruck on Saturday with some weight training, sprints, and a low impact zone 2 day. I found that compared to the men my cardio was okay, but my upper body was destroyed under the weight of the ruck. It was about 45-48 pounds and I weigh 130 (on a good day). For reference my 12 mile ruck time was 2:38 with 45 pounds, and my marathon time was 3:50. I believe the training plan was designed for men, and I think a female training plan needs to be adjusted with heavier shoulder lifting, and longer days with the ruck on. In short, I am looking for recommendations to the following plan.

    Mon: Ruck 5 miles 50 pounds
    Tues: Lift / run repeats
    Wens: Trail run
    Thurs: 1.5 hour ruck 55 pounds
    Friday: Lift
    Saturday 5 hour ruck 40 pounds

    The goal would to increase my time outside on Saturday and speed throughout the week. I can only give 1.5 – 2 hours a week of training Monday through Friday and than Sunday is my rest day or Skiing. Every Sixth week have a de-load where I cut the workouts by 50%. By March, I would like to be comfortable carrying 45 pounds across miserable terrain for 7 days for 8 hour days with absolutely no rest. Eating snacks from my pocket while running or walking through the terrain. Thanks all!


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    Jane Mackay on #81868

    Hi Hannah,
    I sent your question to coach Pedro Carvalho. Below is his reply.

    We have a coach with experience in tactical training (https://uphillathlete.com/coach/drew-hammond/), so that’s an option if you want to try it — either a consultation call or full 1:1 coaching.

    Related to your training plan questions :
    After the rest day it would be the day you would do run repeats that aim for speed , this should be done first in the week when you are totally rested and your goal is to work on speed.
    Lifting should be done after .
    Since your event is a back to back run/walk carrying a ruck , you should do that also on your training.

    Instead of what you have planned , I would do :
    Mon: (1) run repeats (2) lift
    Tuesday : Ruck 5 miles 50 pounds
    Wens: Trail run
    Thursday : lift
    Friday: 1.5 hour ruck 55 pounds
    Saturday 5 hour ruck 40 pounds
    Sunday ; Rest

    Pay attention to the following :
    Respect the 10% rule in how much you raise the volume in a week.
    Raise the weight of the ruck gradually, no more than 5% per week , when raising weight , don’t raise the total week volume , or you raise intensity or volume — i.e. only increase one variable at a time.
    On the rest day , you can do a really easy zone 1 effort or total rest .
    Between 3/4 weeks always add a recovery week with 40/60% of total volume of the previous weeks

    Nannz22m on #81912

    Awesome! Thank you for such a detailed and quick reply. Will look into coaching, that may be right up my ally.

    Jane Mackay on #81918

    You’re welcome! Drew’s a highly experienced tactical coach, if you go that route.

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