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    I’ve been a big fan of fasted training ever since I learned about it years ago on UA ( I’ve been doing all of my runs in the morning before consuming anything besides water. It’s felt great and I recover well also.

    Question I have is whether there are any workouts I should specifically do in a non-fasted state? I’m looking at Cham Fit, Hike in Hilly Terrain, Zone 3 intervals, etc.

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    Saadia Sharjeel on #71174

    I do my running, hiking in a fasted state first thing in the morning consuming only water. But I do strength training sessions 2 to 3 hours after breakfast. This is the way I feel like doing it.


    Cory from Wisconsin on #71175

    I feel like I’ve seen guidance from the coaches that Z1/2 fasted is fine, but they recommend fueling for strength and Z3 work.

    If I have a morning Z2 workout I usually do it fasted with a cup of black coffee, but always eat something before CMF or any weighted carry’s or strength sessions. If my schedule permits I’ll usually do z2 when I wake up, but move the others later in the day since they are not fasted.

    Jeremy on #71194

    I think there can be benefits to fasted and not fasted and trade offs with each. Depends on what your goal is and what state you are in.

    I did fasted for a while but then noticed id run out of gas after a few hours.


    lapotka on #71213

    I do all my shorter Z1 or 2 workouts in the morning before work fasted, I don’t have time to eat and let food settle and work out and get the kids to school and get to work on time so this works for me. I try to fuel up for any interval work or sprint or strength workouts and I plan longer workouts (over 90 min or so) for after work or on the weekend and eat something before and fuel during a run or hike over 90 min. just my $2.

    Moiez K on #71228

    I also do my Z1/Z2 runs fasted in the morning (after eating only breakfast and lunch the previous day) and it has worked well for me so far. I tried to do strength training fasted but prefer a meal about 2-3 hours before.

    I BELIEVE any workout done after about 4-5 hours of not eating anything is considered a fasted workout; one doesn’t have to do the fast overnight.

    Raja on #71245

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! Very helpful to hear your perspectives.

    Anonymous on #71264

    Shorter z1/2 workouts can certainly be fasted IMO. Longer Z1/2 efforts can be but you want to progress this over time and realize you may well be compromising the rate of your recovery. I don’t think its always worth it.
    I would not bother fasting Chamfit and would certainly not fast for any Z3 of higher intensity but particularity and muscular endurance type heavy work. Always fuel for these.

    Raja on #71276

    Thanks Mark. Appreciate your notes here!

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