Extending 24 week plan?

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    Edgar Carby

    I posted this in the Mountaineering Forum but didn’t get any bites. Slightly edited for clarity.

    Apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn’t find a specific answer.

    I am running a 50k trail race this weekend 10/2/21. I am set to climb Denali 6/15/22. I have purchased the 24 week plan but 24 weeks before that climb is 12/29/21.

    Should I simply focus on base building (ie, AeT running/core/pushups/pullups) during that ~90 days between my race and 24 weeks out from Denali?


    Should I start the 24 week plan after my 50k this weekend and then repeat parts of it to extend it to 6/15/22?

    It seems that starting the plan makes the most sense but I am unsure of what aspect to repeat. I saw in the UA website that I could repeat weeks 12-16 but this still leaves me several weeks to account for. Any thoughts as to what parts of the plan to repeat if this is the way to go?

    In case it matters, I’m 41yo male, CTL of around 75 at the moment. I plan to officially test my Aet/AnT after my race so no concrete data on that front.


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    Anonymous on #57451


    If you have the fitness to run a 50k then you’ve probably already got a decent aerobic base. In your case I would start the 24week mtneering plan AFTER you are well recovered from the race. Then repeat the last 3 month of the 24 week plan.

    That should set you up well for Denali. Good luck in your race.


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