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    Hi Gals,
    If you have done more than one FUA Group and the “FUA” code for 100% off did not work due to it only being a “one time use” code, try using FUA2.

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    Jane Mackay on #61112

    Carolyn, the code FUA2 doesn’t work either, probably because I used it in round 2, when changes were made to the intermediate plan compared to round 1. This time I want to “buy” the advanced plan for future reference and use 🙂

    Anonymous on #61120

    Hi Jane,
    Steve makes the codes so I just emailed him to crank out a third. With the holidays upon us and he being eight hours ahead this could take a few days however we’ll get a new code for you asap ( :
    Happy Holidays to you!

    Jane Mackay on #61405

    Carolyn, has Steve had a chance to create the new discount code? I haven’t seen anything in my email.

    Anonymous on #61412

    Hi Jane, He said he was working with you directly, have you not received an email from him? I apologize this is entirely in his hands and I have no knowledge of a new code.
    I’d drop him a note at ( :

    Jane Mackay on #61428

    Thanks, Carolyn. I’ll connect with Steve.

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