Developed ADS?

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    Hi UA Folks,
    I have a background in ultra running, did regularly 15-20+ hours of running a week 1.5-3 years ago. I won some 50-100k+ races and had a solid aerobic base. I needed to reduce running due an overuse injury. This year my biggest week of running was only around 70k and additionally did some hiking during the summer. Besides that, I cycled a lot. I know it’s a complete different locomotion, so it can’t directly be compared to running. During the last few months, I recognized that my HR for both sports (running, cycling) went up for the same effort earlier this year. One factor is for sure weight gain and maybe a bit poorer diet. Rest shouldn’t be a factor. But I did a lot of HIT training on the indoor trainer (Zwift). Could it be that I developed ADS due to too much High, or in between (gray zone, happy hard) intensity?

    Thanks for your thoughts and wish you nice holidays — mirko

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    Shashi on #61309

    Not sure about ADS, but AeT might have dropped. Have you done an AeT test recently?

    nullkru on #61330

    Hi Shashi,

    thanks for your answer. No I decided to train in my Z1, till things start to looking better and build some volume this way. But i’m still curious if the HIT maybe plays a role. Maybe i overdid it and because cycling doesn’t beat your body like running i overdid it?

    hope someone has a opinion.

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