Detraining after transition

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    The TftNA book has a great discussion
    about rest period after a big mountaineering project.

    On the other hand, in running or
    skiing there may not be a
    need for such a long break
    or transition. There’s some
    research showing that your
    various capacities deteriorate
    pretty quickly. It was suggested
    that some sort of high intensity
    efforts are needed every 10-14 days
    for maintenance purposes.

    For running and skiing, what’s
    a good strategy to maintain
    gains or fitness from the previous
    season in the transition and the beginning of the new base period?

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    What I have encouraged with high level athletes after a major event or post race season is to take a short break of a week completely off and the to begin doing non-structured, non-sport specific activities. Do things that you have not been able to do during your focused time training, racing or climbing. Maybe it’s kayaking, surfing, golf, rock climbing. Stay active but don’t think if this time as training, don’t record workouts. Go by feel. The most important thing in this period if to get rested both mentally and physically. Your body will tell you when it is ready to go back to structured training. If you are exhausted like Steve and Vince were after Nanga Parbat this period might be 6 months. For Mike Foote after his 24 hour world record it as about 2 weeks OFF and then gradual return to non structured fun activities. Top skiers often take 3 or more weeks off like this at the end of a season.

    You will loose some fitness during this time but better to do that than to fail to recover well and then fall to pieces 3 weeks back into training.


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