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    I’ve seen several videos from experienced Alpinists like Steve, Colin Haley, Kyle Dempster, etc wrapping their crampons (in a coat, Tyvek, bubble wrap, etc) and loading them inside their pack for the approach. Is there an advantage to this? Thanks

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    Steve House on #18485

    The biggest advantage to me is the location of the weight. Crampons are pretty heavy and placing them on top of my pack, near my back makes for a much nicer carry. You can experiment; pack them close-inside and then pack than far away from my center of gravity. You can feel the difference.

    A couple more advantages in no particular order:
    I like to have a ‘clean pack’ nothing on the outside whenever possible. This has numerous advantages. I will even carry my ice tools in my hand or, if I have the space, I’ll put my ice tools inside my pack as well. The only time I use the ice axe carry straps on the outside is when I will need the ice tools really soon or the pack is just really full.

    It protects other people and objects from the sharp points. Especially important in a cable car or your friend’s new car.


    alpinist75 on #18486

    Have you had any problems with damaging your gear or pack? Thanks for the knowledge dump. I’m going to try tools and crampons inside the pack from now on.

    alpinist75 on #18489

    And that is a lot of weight. I always carefully pack my load with the weight next to my back … then put the heaviest items (tools and crampons) the furthest possible from my back. Haha

    Anonymous on #18527

    My 2 cents (not new) is I put my crampons in one of those USPS mailing bags (not sure the exactly material but Tyvek-like) since they’re free and widely available. I then put it (fits for me) inside my helmet and usually something like gloves or a hat can fill the rest of the space to keep things from rattling. I’m yet to have equipment damage this way (though I don’t have years of experience).

    Steve House on #18621

    Honestly, I most often use a piece of clothing.

    I don’t like to carry anything that has only one purpose.

    The clothing doesn’t really get wet because if it’s cold enough to use crampons, the snow/ice can be brushed off. I’ve also used gloves (one on each side) in a sandwich.

    I do usually use a regular crampon bag for actual travel. But when it comes time to go in the pack, i keep it as simple as possible.

    Check out this video for more:

    Steve House Packing for an Overnight Alpine Climb

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