Confusion Advanced mixed climbing plan 1st weeks

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    I got a bit confused about the specific strength and core excercises for the Advance mixed climbing plan.

    When talking about the PE (primary exercise), is that just the exercise that is described in the video?
    Because there’s only talk about incline pull-ups, axe hangs and toe raises in the video, while in the workout description those are added in as well?

    Cause that would mean you do the pullups, axe hangs and toe raises with toe raises in between sets and hangs afterwards…?
    I’m a bit confused. I mean… I’ll do it but… seems like a lot of the same?

    Or is the PE all of the exercises added in the Killer Core Routine – with different levels?

    Thanks a lot for some help!
    And hope everybody is getting stoked and strong for winter!!

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