Clarification on Fasted Training (60-120 mins) v. longer sessions

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    Melissa Macdonald

    I am apparently having a comprehension problem here. So according to the below article, and scouring the other forums and TFNA, and Rebecca’s podcasts, I’m hoping to get at least a “general” confirmation of what I have learned.

    A standard fasted aerobic session should be reserved for our shorter (say, morning Z1/Z2 treadmill walk) sessions of 60-120 mins max, followed by a recovery snack within 30 mins (mainly protein/some carb), and then within an hour a standard breakfast with balance of protein/carb).

    Strength days: we *should* have fuel beforehand, mainly protein? (TFNA p. 299) We should not strength train fasted. Right?

    BUT, on long days such as a 8-10 hour weighted hike, we should carb load the night before (TFNA pgs 301-303), have a big breakfast 3-4 hours before (TFNA p. 294), another snack 30-60 mins before (TFNA p. 299), and also fuel every hour or so with carbs and some protein. Post-long days, recovery snack right after (mix of carb/protein), followed by protein-heavy dinner. OR was that carb loading stuff meant only for before our actual event/CLIMB/Race?

    The difference between “aerobic workouts” and use of the words “training sessions” was confusing since they were intertwined at times. You should see my poor notes with circles and arrows and cross-outs…. 🙂

    Article referenced:

    Thanks to anyone with any advice/help.

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