Fasted training for women

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    Hi Alison, great to have this new forum set up!
    I have been training with UA for a while now.
    From your experience do you see the same results/ benefits for fasted aerobic training in female athletes? I know this is a controversial topic. I have been using it because I feel better when training fasted but cannot see any specific gains for weight loss or fat adaption.

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    Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for your question; you’re right, it is controversial. Our bodies need more essential fat (the amount for normal, healthy function) than men, and as such, will hang onto fat if not properly fueled. So, while fasted training can be fine for very easy runs, it’s even more important to refuel to get enough nutrition through the rest of the day. I’ve found with many women I work with that eating a little something before (even a bit or two of something) sends the signal to the body that food is on board, and it’s ok to spare fat. For weight loss especially, fasting does not seem to be as effective as eating well and fueling for training.

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