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    I’m a relative beginner and have bought the 24-week mountaineering plan that is administered on TP website. Can I swap some workouts around since I can run on weekends, for example? Do I wear my Garmin watch and chest HR strap on ALL workouts, including core and general strength?


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    Shashi on #42277

    Regarding swapping workouts, this forum discussion might be helpful –

    Moving Workouts Around in 16 Week Plan?

    Do I wear my Garmin watch and chest HR strap on ALL workouts, including core and general strength?

    The recommendation in one of the forum topics was to use HR monitor only for Aerobic workouts so that you can accurately track the time spent in each zones.

    mzkarim on #42278

    Thanks, Shashi. If I don’t wear my Garmin watch for core and strength training workouts, how would I need to enter the information into Training Peaks manually?

    mzkarim on #42279

    In other words, how would I enter core and strength training workouts into Training Peaks and track my progress? My Garmin enters aerobic workouts automatically. Thx

    Shashi on #42280

    You will have to log these workouts manually and enter the TSS score.

    This article provides guidance on TSS for strength workouts and has other great tips as well –

    Making the Most of Your Uphill Athlete Training Plan

    mzkarim on #42283

    Thank you so much! I’m new with UA and TP, so learning.

    Shashi on #42287

    No problem. I am following the 24-week mountaineering plan as well and started earlier this year.

    All the best!

    robin.biesbroek on #45722

    Hi all,

    In the 24-week mountaineering plan there are also several workouts to be done on flat terrain. Does anybody know if for these workouts on flat terrain you should also use hrTSS? (in order to better compare to the workouts in the hills for example, where you would use hrTSS + nudging factors).
    Or would you for those workouts on flat terrain use rTSS since TP gives typically a more accurate value for those?

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