Moving Workouts Around in 16 Week Plan?

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    I noticed many of the high volume workouts happen mid-week with weekends being shorter? Obviously for 9-5ers, this can be challenging – how do you recommend moving the workouts around during the week if needed (understanding that as a baseline, you don’t recommend this). Which workouts are not “good neighbors” for instance?

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    Anonymous on #6730

    I’m speaking out of turn, but I think that Scott and Steve would agree: you need to make your training fit into your life, so juggle workouts as needed.

    I haven’t seen any UA training plans, but in general, if you schedule intensity before volume, you should be okay. So if in a given week, you had a sprint workout, a strength workout, and an endurance workout, you could schedule them as: sprint, recovery, endurance, recovery, strength, recovery, recovery (if you’re training seven days per week).

    I think it’s quite common to have the big endurance day on the weekend. So you can shift days around to suit your time constraints.

    I hope that helps.

    yesisaidyes on #6731

    Thanks Scott – that does make a lot of sense generally.

    Steve House on #6736

    One thing that can be confusing is that the start date affects how the workouts land. So when we build the plans we assume that the first day (as we see the calendar when we build plans0 is a Monday. We always use Monday as the rest day. And we always program the long days to fall on the weekends.

    So my suggestion is un-apply your plan. Then re-apply your plan so that the first day of the plan falls on a Monday; that will help the workouts fall on the best days for the typical work schedule. (see screenshot of the 16 week Big Mountain Plan).

    One more thing is that you can only move workouts with a premium TP membership. You get 7 days of free premium when you sign up. So if you want to move things around it’s best to do that asap.

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    Steve House on #6738

    And lastly, you can read more about applying plans and dates here:

    How to Purchase and Apply Any Uphill Athlete Training Plan Using TrainingPeaks

    and there are more handy links at the end of that article that take you to the TrainingPeaks site for more detailed information.

    yesisaidyes on #6744

    Bingo, thanks

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