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    Good morning – I set up an account on vimeo hoping to be able to set up an offline playlist for the chamonix mountain fit and recovery yoga videos. When I open either video on the uphill athlete website and then click vimeo, I end up on the explainer video rather than the series itself. This happens in both the ipad app version and on the vimeo website.

    Can anyone tell me how to access both series through vimeo so I can do the offline playlist?


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    Edgar Carby on #60918

    I don’t know about the offline playlist set up but the links are in the pre-activity comments section of each Chamonix workout in TP.

    aaronnorlund on #70708

    This is something I am also encountering. I want to be able to access the videos offline so I can follow on an iPad away from an internet connection.

    Is this possible for Chamonix and the yoga videos?


    krish on #70778

    I believe you need to access the videos through the Vimeo apps locally on your device in order to safe them offline. They’re then accessible within the app itself while offline.

    Cory from Wisconsin on #70806

    I haven’t seen a way to download CMF so if you need offline exercises, I suggest doing Scott’s Killer Core (free PDF available) and adding in a few of your favorite Cham Fit exercises from memory. Depending on target time for the session you may need to cycle through killer core two or three times if you are looking to hit a full hour like CMF.

    aaronnorlund on #70835

    Thanks Cory!

    Tobias on #70842

    For the CMF, I was able to like all the videos on the website and then put them into the offline playlist on my iPad. Worked for the Yoga as well.

    The stuff I cannot get offline are Strength training videos which are included on the webpage as Vimeo “showcase”, a bit of a shame as these would be the really interesting ones for me.

    aaronnorlund on #70877

    So bizarre, I also tried liking them and opening them directly from the app on my iPad, but it did not work. The videos reroute to a homepage.

    I live with very significant first world problems, I like to exercise on my dock in the morning, but there’s no Wi-Fi out there!!

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