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    Hello All,
    I’m getting bored with my usual routine and am looking for some breakfast ideas for at home. I typically do instant oatmeal but want to cut out the sugar and processed. I’ve tried two eggs and toast and it just doesn’t fill me up well. Use to do smoothies but worried I was getting too much sugar from the fruits.

    What are your go to foods?

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    Anonymous on #27894

    Food is pretty personal, but I’m surprised that oatmeal fills you up more than eggs. I’m the opposite.

    My go-to breakfast is two eggs scrambled in butter, a handful of All-Bran in almond milk with blueberries, and a quartered apple with dabs of peanut butter on it. That usually keeps me going until lunch, including a fuel-free workout mid-morning.

    Anonymous on #27915

    Plain yogurt and granola is my go-to. I make my own granola so it’s not as sweet, and I can add fruit if I had a big workout or long day out. Polenta with a little maple syrup and walnuts is great, especially after a run. I usually only have coffee before running, and then will have something bigger after, like the above, or if I need more substance, black beans, tortillas, avocado, topped with a fried egg.

    TerryLui on #27925

    Food, my favourite topic! LOL

    My usual go to’s:
    1) Oatmeal, chia seeds, hemp seeds, butter, honey
    2) Omelet w/ kale, onion, mushrooms, garlic, butter + seasoning, toast or fried potatoes, side of fruit

    + Smoothie:
    1) Watermelon, avocado, kale, apple, mint leaves (
    2) Mango, peach, ginger, kale (

    Adjust according to your desired quantity/flavour preference 😀

    If I’m feeling like a quick, easy, comfort breakfast with a Japanese spin to it:
    Substitute rice with oatmeal

    Jan on #27940

    Can’t you get unprocessed whole-grain oatflakes without added sugar? These are very common and cheap here in Europe …

    I eat a bowl of oatflakes, sunflower seeds, a sliced banana and around 15 g of whey protein filled up with tap water or milk, cold like a muesli. Cheap, fast, good carbs/fats/proteins/fibers and I still love the taste even though I eat it every morning since about 3 years.

    Zirbelkiefer on #27941

    What I eat nearly every day for breakfast (always after my fasted Z1 workouts):
    Porridge with a scoop of vegan protein powder, nuts, flaxseeds or chia seeds, flaxseed oil, berries, stomped banana or grated apple

    Rebecca Dent on #27943

    Some great suggestions here, I might borrow some of these for my example menus for UA custom nutrition plans : ).

    We are all (mostly) creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast, one of the key nutrients to include in breakfast (where most fall short) is protein. Then adding carbohydrate (in sufficient proportions in relation to you and your workouts) + some healthful fats and berries/greens.

    Some example foods to include at breakfast:

    Protein foods; tofu, eggs, dairy milk (almond, oat, rice milk are low in protein), cottage cheese, whey protein, vegan protein powder, greek yoghurt
    Carbohydrates; Oats, fruit (berries, bananas), sour dough bread, muesli
    Fats; lox, nuts, seeds, avocado
    Greens/berries; kale, spinach, frozen berries can be a great to keep in the freezer

    Breakfast ideas (in addition to the ones above):

    Banana pancakes (my favourite) – 2 eggs, 1 x banana, whole oats (blended together into a batter), serve with toppings of choice e.g. yoghurt, berries, seeds, drizzle of maple syrup, honey as desired

    Vegan banana pancakes (pre soak flaxseed in water as alternative to egg), banana, almond/spelt/oatmeal topped with nut butter (and any other toppings of choice)

    Greek yoghurt berry and oat bowl (a good quality greek yoghurt is higher in protein) + muesli + berries + seeds

    Scrambled tofu, avocado, spinach + add wholegrain toast/sour dough bread as desired/required

    Fruit salad + Greek yoghurt, seeds

    Smoked Lox, eggs, avocado, spinach, grilled tomatoes + grilled egg plant (aubergine)

    Cottage cheese + lox (smoked salmon) on a wholegrain bagel with arugula (rocket), avocado

    Cottage cheese + berries & seeds

    Over night oats (in water, almond milk or milk) + topping of choice (berries/seeds/nuts/nut butter/dried fruit) + half a scoop of whey protein/vegan protein to make up protein intake.

    Bircher muesli is another favourite of UA custom nutrition plan clients (can be prepped the night before)

    Smoothies and protein shakes are also a great easy on the go breakfast (I would not worry too much about the sugar in the fruit, often we can add lots of ingredients to the smoothie and this can add to a significant amount of calories). I would suggest no more than 2 fruit options, can add oats, seeds, whey/vegan protein, any milk of preference, spinach, kale (lots of great recipes on line for smoothies).

    Even a meal replacement shake can be a good option for ease at times e.g. Huel

    Aaron on #28026

    One of my favourite breakfasts / snacks is a seed/nut flour, flax and egg based pancake. I use the same recipe for pancakes or waffles. I I use sunflower seeds ground in a food processor, and make a 10x batch as below. These keep well to ie don’t get stale. Super food macro profile.

    [ ] ***Bulk dry ingredients, seperate into 10x small Ziplocs ~ 1.5 cups each
    [ ] 10 cups ground Flax meal
    [ ] 5 cups Ground nuts (any kind: hemp hearts, sunflower etc)
    [ ] 300ml Sugar (any edkind)
    [ ] 150 ml Refined flour (any kind including gluten free)
    [ ] 50 ml Baking powder
    [ ] 25 ml Cinnamon
    [ ] 10 ml Salt
    [ ] ***Wet ingredients per single batch):
    [ ] 4-5x Eggs
    [ ] 0.25 cup Oil (any kind :canola etc)
    [ ] 0.5 cup Milk (or substitute), as flax thickens more milk can be added as desired

    Jan on #28045

    @Rebecca Dent: You seem to like greens and berries a lot! Could you tell us about the advantages they have over, say, an apple, a banana or a carrot?

    gmbloomer on #28268

    Advantages?……….Maybe none, but if I was asking a nutritionist for advice on ideas for breakfast and the response was try apples, bananas or carrots then I’d be thinking what a waste of time that was.

    In response to the OP, toast and Eggs (poached, scrambled, boiled or fried) is pretty hard to beat for a ‘go to’. Try four instead of two. It might help address your problem there ?

    Xpedition on #28287

    I was also recently looking to cut my sugar intake (was eating 4 packets of instant oatmeal in the morning, or roughly 170g of oatmeal and the sugar was adding up). So I started to do 80g of flavored oats and 80g of plain oats. My local Whole ~Paycheck~ Foods has organic oats in one of those free flowing plastic bins. Doesn’t solve your boredom issue, but I find mixing in seasonal fruit and different nuts keeps it interesting enough for me.

    My nutritionist also advised me it was worth it to go organic on oats. She gets paid the big bucks to read the research so I’ve gone that direction.

    Add a side of 4 eggs cooked in olive oil and you’ll have energy for the whole day (until the bathroom comes calling).

    Zuko on #28305

    Thanks everyone! These are great suggestions, I’ll start experimenting and see what works.

    Thatcher Kelley on #28439

    Just to add to the ideas:

    On a low carb day-
    Two raw eggs
    A couple scoops of plain Greek yogurt
    A few frozen berries
    Nut butter of some kind
    Maybe some spinach
    Blend that up in a magic bullet

    High carb day, add a chopped up frozen snickers and maybe some honey to the magic bullet.

    Nick K on #28685

    Like the OP, I don’t find eggs particularly filling, but my solution has been to eat more of them.

    Daily breakfast is 6 eggs fried in olive oil, 3 medium potatoes and a bunch of salsa, at about 9am. I vary the salsa by week for variety, but otherwise that’s basically all weekdays, after my AM climbing or strength session and my run commute to work. I’m usually gnawing on my desk by about 11.

    Weekends I’ll usually eat 4 eggs and two potatoes before heading out the door for whatever the day’s activities are.

    mike.p on #28969

    I’m with Nick K above, I like the eggs and some potatoes, for whatever reason the potatoes make a difference for me. That said I once did a stage race (5 days, running) and had 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast each day and that seemed to work.

    (Sometimes on longer days I’ll have some protein and cyclic dextrin with my (not in my) coffee before the eggs.)

    Mariner_9 on #30497

    My go-to breakfast is muesli with whole milk, full fat Greek yogurt and whatever fresh fruit is in season. Good balance of carbs, fat and protein and fills me up after a fasted workout.

    I try to pick muesli with less dried fruit in it to reduce the sugar intake – there’s already enough of that in the fruit.

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