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    Hello All,
    I’m getting bored with my usual routine and am looking for some breakfast ideas for at home. I typically do instant oatmeal but want to cut out the sugar and processed. I’ve tried two eggs and toast and it just doesn’t fill me up well. Use to do smoothies but worried I was getting too much sugar from the fruits.

    What are your go to foods?

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    my goto for a long time was Quaker instant oatmeal. sure its not the best choice, but it worked for me: tasted ok, easy to make and travel with, filled me up, no digesting issues. then one day I decided that I don’t really like oatmeal, and was just eating it for the reasons stated. I thought about what I do like, and landed on: 2 slices of whole grain bread, chunky peanut butter, organic raw honey( the white stuff, like paste). I *love* peanut butter and honey sandwiches. if I am flying to a race, I still pack oatmeal. if I am driving, I eat my favorite sandwich. when the mood strikes I bake my own rustic bread and the sandwich meter goes to 11.

    Cadmium on #63952

    Have seen a lot of oatmeal consumers here. I too have oatmeal with yogurt and fresh or dried fruits, a cheese cube or 2 eggs alternatively, whey protein, corns, beacon and fish. And also a few sunflower seeds, it’s good for health.

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