Best type of Muscular Endurance for Hilly Untramarathons

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    I have a quick question regarding the most effective muscular endurance training for a hilly (~6500m Eleevation) Ultra Marath0n (~100Km distance):

    Is there an advantage to doing gym based ME training over, say weighted hill repeats for such events or vice versa?

    I ask this because I prefer to be outdoors if possible, but would like to ensure that i am doing the most effective training for my A Race unltamarathon above.

    As far as i could find on this website most weighted ME seemed to be allocated to mountaineering activities, whereas most Ultra plans etc seem to allocate Gym-base ME sessions – is this just a coincidence and could these sessions be used interchangeable for any mountainous activity?

    Any advice would be much apprectaited!

    Thanks in advance,


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    kiskiw on #74266

    Hi Michazeidan,

    This is a great question.

    Gym based ME has the advantage of allowing the athlete to perform anywhere and has be developed with the endurance athlete in mind. The Outdoor ME requires that you have a very steep hill as it is not meant to envoke a cardiac response but is limited by strength so the athelete needs to keep that in mind.

    I personally am like you and enjoy doing things outdoors and have had good success with rotating the ME from indoors to outdoors on a weekly basis and moving through the progession for each.

    I hope that helps!


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