Best type of Muscular Endurance for Hilly Untramarathons

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    I have a quick question regarding the most effective muscular endurance training for a hilly (~6500m Eleevation) Ultra Marath0n (~100Km distance):

    Is there an advantage to doing gym based ME training over, say weighted hill repeats for such events or vice versa?

    I ask this because I prefer to be outdoors if possible, but would like to ensure that i am doing the most effective training for my A Race unltamarathon above.

    As far as i could find on this website most weighted ME seemed to be allocated to mountaineering activities, whereas most Ultra plans etc seem to allocate Gym-base ME sessions – is this just a coincidence and could these sessions be used interchangeable for any mountainous activity?

    Any advice would be much apprectaited!

    Thanks in advance,


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