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    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to do the basic fitness test described by House and Johnston in “training for the new alpinism” and I have a question about the box steps-up. Should I put both feets down to the ground beteween each step-up? Or can I just take alternatively one foot to the ground between each step up? The first method take a lot of time and gave a completely different result that doing the test on a hill when I did it 2 years ago…

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    Anonymous on #8296

    I’m not sure I understand. If you only put one foot down to the ground, won’t you be doing the step test just on one leg?

    I think the test is designed by putting both feet to the ground and then alternating each leg for the step-up portion.

    Also, it’s not designed to be comparable to an outside version. By completing the test as prescribed, you’ll have a better idea of where your fitness lies in the spectrum of other climbers that have completed the test.

    debourgknecht1 on #8299

    Sorry I didnt formulate clearly. You would not be doing the step test just on one leg. You would alternate the leg you bring down to the ground between each step (hence steping up with each foot alternatively). The stepping up part of the exercice would be exactely the same but the stepping down part of the exercice would be much faster. Aparently many cross-fit athlets do it this way…In House and Johnston s book (training for the new alpinism) the reference time for excellent, good and bad performence are the same for the 1000 feets box step up test and the 1000 feets hill test and it sounds to me that if you take down both feets to the ground between each step you would take much more time for the 1000 feets box test than for the 1000 feets hill test.

    Anonymous on #8305

    Yes the uphill hiking test should not have been the same time in our book. That was a misprint. Those times are for the box step test.


    debourgknecht1 on #8313

    Thanks for your answer Scott. Then what are the reference times for the uphill hiking test?

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