AnT for age group?

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    i know this highly depends on the specific individual but in general for a 43yr old is having a AnT of 186 high? or what’s generally seen for mid 40’s? just curious.

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    MarkPostle on #60476

    In my experience that if definitely higher than average but as you mention it is very individual. The good thing about the AnT (vs AeT) is that it doesn’t really require any extra interpretation. If you can go out and hold 186 for 45-60 minutes (assuming your HR monitor is working well) then that’s what it is.

    juskojj on #60480

    Maybe I should redo it. I did it for 30min after a 15min warm up. I did 30min because I’m new to this and maybe my meds are playing a role as well.

    MarkPostle on #60483

    30 minutes is a good place to start for sure and will give you a general idea. I like to use 45 min for folks if they are fairly well trained and 60 min if well trained. The underlying idea is you want the aerobic demand to be the main thing being tested and not blowing up before the test is over because your muscles give out. 60 min is long to to sustain a near max effort pace if youre not fairly well trained from a muscular endurance standpoint

    juskojj on #60514

    thanks, i did it when i 1st started training. it’s been over a year now so i’ll do it again and go for 45min. i also did it at 10% incline b/c that’s the highest my treadmill would go, i do have access to a 12% treadmill now

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