Analyzing Heart Rate Drift Test

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    Hello folks,

    I need help in analyzing my heart rate drift test. I don’t have trainingpeaks premium and also no garmin, so the online calculator doesn’t work for me.

    Could anybody help me with it.

    I made it public on Trainingspeaks (free) now.

    I started exactly after a 13-minute warm-up.

    First 30 minutes was 141 bpm heart rate and 5:44 min/km pace/second 30 minutes 142 bpm and 5:55 pace

    Thanks in advance.

    Best greetings from Austria,


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    Anonymous on #59811


    Thanks for writing in and sorry for my mistaken first reply.

    142/142 implies almost not drift. I think you can safely use 145 as your top of Z2. Or you can retest starting at 145 and see the results.


    d.feischl on #59818

    Thank you very much Scott!

    but: Am I wrong in my calculations, but I had 141 bpm average in the first 30 minutes, and 142 average in second half?

    Because you are saying 155, which I remember in my tests, I never reached that high of a heart rate

    thanks again for your appreciated help


    d.feischl on #59819

    I tried it also now with this calculator:

    Heart Rate Drift Test – Simple Method

    First 30 minutes: 5.22 km/141 bpm average/5:44 min/km
    Second 30 minutes: 5.06 km/142 bpm average/5:55 min/km

    It says 2,4% Drift, which is too low?


    Jane Mackay on #59821

    Dominik, schöne Grüße aus Italien! 😉

    Your HR averages are almost exactly the same as mine in my last HR drift test 5-6 weeks ago. My pace was slower, but there was a similarly small change. I’m in the Female Uphill Athlete group programme coached by Carolyn and Maya, and after discussion with them I decided on 144 as my top of Z2. I prefer to err on the low side bc I have a tendency to get enthusiastic when I’m feeling good and then go too hard.

    Hope this helps!

    Anonymous on #59824


    I’m not sure where I read those numbers I used. I will edit my earlier post now.

    My apologies.

    MarkPostle on #59826

    Dominik, I glanced at the TP file you linked to and I would say there are several issues with this test that prevent any valid conclusion if that data is accurate. First, the first 30 min vs second 30 min method is can only be used if pace is perfectly constant like a treadmill etc. Here your pace is constantly varying as you’re running outside. Secondly the HR data is highly variable between 130 and 165 bouncing back and forth during the test, I can’t tell for sure but this appears to be due to slight up and down hill on the course. (Could also be HR monitor error). This will also make the test have non useful data as your effort level is varying well above and well below AeT likely. I would try and redo the test either on treadmill and use the first 30 vs second 30 method or on perfectly flat course like an athletic track and use the Pa:hr method. FWIW you drifted about 5% on this test when taking both pace and HR into account but I would not trust that data at all.

    d.feischl on #59833

    Thanks everybody for clearing it up. Grazie and Danke 😉

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