Altitude handicap factor

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    alexa roop


    I keep missing the live Q&A sessions, so thought I’d put my question here.

    Heat can play a factor during races and so sometimes a heat handicap/factor is applied to pace to help determine racing strategy. Ie, maybe a runner is normally a 15min/mile pace during a 100 miler, but they’re going to AZ during heatwave and so their pacing strategy might be 17min/mile to account for the heat.

    I’m wondering if the same concept can be applied to altitude, but in reverse.

    I live at 6100ft, and like to go to Leadville to train, which is +10k. If I do Hope Pass repeats that puts me up to 12,600. )I’m dang slow doing it though.)

    My A race, CCC, is in the range of 5-6k start/low points, up to 8500 highest point (don’t have the chart in front of me).

    If there’s roughly a 4k difference between my training peaks and valleys and my race day peaks and valleys, can I assume that my pace will be X minutes faster because of the lower altitude?

    Thank you!!!

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    Matthew Morriss on #80356

    I would also be super interested in this discussion and thoughts from the coaches.

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