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    Hi All. I could not find that question after a quick search so I hope I don’t repeat this.
    I am following the 24 week mountaineering plan but with half of the recommended time for aerobic exercise due to a longstanding hip issue. Once I am done with the 24 weeks, I’d like to continue training. I found here on the website the recommendation to repeat week 12-16 but with higher volume so I was planning to do that exact thing but in my case I will likely just use the actual volume since I hopefully have worked up to that amount by then. My question though is, why only week 12-16 (which ends right before ME training) and not week 12-24?

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    The recommendation to repeat weeks 12-16 is for increasing the plan from 24-28 weeks. The reason for repeating those weeks is that they are the highest volume aerobic base weeks. You could certainly repeat 12-20 if you intended to increase the plan length by 8 weeks. Sure that’d be no problem.


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