Aet Test results- looking for read back

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    I recently completed my Heart Rate Drift test with a Pa HR of 5.79%. My starting HR was 140 and ended after a hour averaging 141. Was thinking my Set should be around 138? Thoughts? Link is below.


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    Mjsak on #47930

    Anyone have input about this drift test? Looking for feedback- should redo it or just use a few beats less than 141 for my Aet HR.


    John S on #47973

    I remember reading some time ago on a another thread a comment from Scott Semple suggesting it is best to think of threshold heart rates as 5 beat “buckets” as the tests aren’t super precise and there is also day to day variability, so I tend to round down my threshold HR to the nearest 5. Based on the test you linked I would think it would be reasonable to set your AeT at 135. My reasoning (as just another punter, not a coach) is that your starting HR of 140 gave it slightly more than 5% drift, so figure it would be best set slightly lower.

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