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    I did a AeT test today and I am seeking some feedback on the results (see attached file).

    My route was a flat 1km trail around a small lake. The drift over the ~60 minute sample period was approx 4.8%.

    I recognize that my AeT will fluctuate from day to day.

    My questions are:
    1) How much will the inaccurate pace/ speed measurement affect the results? During the run, my maximum speed was recorded at 36kph. This is obviously not correct.
    2) How much should I read into the heart rate target zones? An Aerobic threshold (Zone 2) of 136 seems high for me based on my experience running and hiking.

    I would like to do another test on a track with less tree coverage in the next week. This may improve the GPS reception.

    Thanks so much.

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