AeT Test and HR Zones

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    Adrienne Audet

    Hi, I just did my Aerobic Threshold test for Zone 1 and 2 but how do we calculate the top of zone 3 Anaerobic Threshold. I don’t see a Test for it on the calendar, am I missing something?

    Also, is there a way to load the data from today 9th into the 11th?

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    Anonymous on #65407

    Hello Adrienne,
    Happy to hear you’ve already done your AeT test. You can click and drag data and workouts on TP. I did a quick example on the last zoom and we can cover it again this Tuesday.
    And as far as Anaerobic threshold, we will cover this in detail on this coming zoom Tuesday April 12th. We’ll answer questions regarding AeT tests, setting your zones, AnT and getting things set up on TP properly. If you can’t attend the Zoom Tuesday, watch the recording and then if you still have questions or if you have further questions let us know and we’ll make sure we cover it. Most of this will make more sense if we can share the info with a screen share demonstration during the chat.

    Coach on #65416

    As Carolyn said, we will cover this topic in-depth on Tuesday. However, the AnT test is a very physically demanding test that we wouldn’t want anyone to just jump into, so therefore, it isn’t on the plan immediately for Base and Intermidate plans.

    Happy to answer more questions about this Tuesday 🙂

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