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    First I hope this post will be understandable, I’m a French Speaking Swiss and My English is not very good.

    I started the Big Vert Training plan on Monday so I went with the AeT test and the Lactate Treshold test.

    I’m a bit confused with the number I found.

    For the AeT I found it at 139. I do the outdoor test and the PA:hr was 4,99%. So I assume that the test was ok.

    I just finish the Lactate test. I go uphill for 30 minutes after a 20 minutes warm up and during the 30 minutes uphill my average HR was 168.

    Now I find the difference between the two numbers very high.

    Have I done something wrong?


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    todd.struble on #22131

    I don’t think you did anything wrong. It looks like you identified that you have ADS and need to focus on low-intensity work. See below articles on ADS and the 10% test.

    Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome

    When and How to Add High-Intensity Training: The 10 Percent Test

    Anonymous on #22134


    Thanks for writing in. Was the AeT test done on the flats or very gentle terrain? This is important. Provided that the test was valid and you feel that 139 is a fair measure then the spread between AeT and LT is about 20%. This is not uncommon. We see this sort of spread often. If you have done most of your running training at heart rates higher than 139 then this all makes sense to me.


    gsmith on #22137

    Hi Scott just picked up your book the other week and couldn’t put it down! What a great resource. To that end I scheduled myself some gas exchange fitness testing today to get some accurate baselines. You mention using raw data (RER) to determine AeT. I started as low as 0.69 and crossed over 0.85 RER at 150HR.The data showed this to be 50/50 between fat and carbs. My anaerobic threshold/LT/VT2 was at 155HR with an RER of 0.88 Using your 10% test I am within 3% is that possible? As an ultra runner I know I’ve spent almost all of my time in aerobic so I was expecting to be near 10% just not this close. Other markers provided were a Max VO2 of 63.84 ml/kg/min and a VO2 at Threshold of 56.4 ml/kg/min. I’m 48 years old. Do I need to be suspicious of the results or be happy in having a big vacuum and working on other areas? I can attach files if needed.


    TerryLui on #22138

    It might be worthwhile starting your own thread so that Scott will see the new question vs. being lost in someone else’s question.

    sebaor on #22150


    Yes the AeT test was done on flat terrain. And yesterday I think that I have always trained over 139 HR.


    Yes I was thinking about ADS too.

    Many thanks for your answers. Now I will continue to train at very slow pace.


    Rachel on #22167


    From what I’ve read here, you should do a field test for AnT and not use your lab results for that particular threshold.

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